Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok, so. ohmygodwork. Hot mess.

  • I really, really dislike the new cage heels that are so popular this spring. You will not be finding them on my shopping list any time soon. Of course, that's what I said about leggings in 2006.

What is on my shopping list? I'm so glad you asked:

  • Dark-wash denim (two pairs; one bootcut, one skinny. Bt-dubs, I also said I'd never wear skinny jeans)
  • Fitted leather jacket
  • Petite Spring-y heels
  • Glam sunglasses
  • A "signature" necklace in gold
  • White layering tees (the one I bought at Target last night is not up to snuff)

What I did love at Target, however, was the Alexander McQueen capsule collection. I got these SUPER leggings with tiny zippers (while my circa 2006 self judged me from her haughty, legging-discriminate pedestal) and an cute edgy little scarf that I'll wear with jeans and tanks. And maybe LEGGINGS.


Kiki said...

If you were in Wilmington (which is close to me) we could have met and searched the town for that skinny, black belt!!!

I will not wear skinny jeans because I cannot get my fat ass lower than a size 10 and that isn't so good in a skinny jean.

Uh oh...its after 2 a.m...more later...have to work tomorrow.

Meg said...

I go to NC/SC all the time for work. Next time we'll meet up and FIND THAT BELT! :) Maybe have some wine too. You know, multitasking.

Kiki said...

That sounds like a great idea...that belt is a MUST it weird that I find myself looking for it when I walk into stores....I'm on a mission!!