Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wine from the vine while I dine in 2009. I am a POET.

Let me just say that while 2008 was better than 2007 which was better than 2006 which was pretty much terrible all-around, that 2009 is going to ROCK.

And speaking of rocks...I'll fill The Internet in soon.

My only resolution is to be more at peace with myself, and to be more self-confident. And to enjoy.

Happy New Year, mom and Jeff (my only readers, I think)!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This entire blog has so far consisted of me talking about writing about fashion and style (without much actual writing about fashion and style), the weather and my cats.

Which is lame - sorry - but let me tell you something about the weather in Chicago this past week, or rather, let me make a comment: WHAT THE EFF. Seriously. Snow-dump after snow-dump, a -30 windchill last Sunday (definintively the coldest it's been since I lived here with -26 degrees taking second place), and now rain and 40 degree temperatures! It's like walking in soup out there, and not the good kind like the lobster bisque at the RL cafe. Thanks, Al Gore, for inventing Global Warming.

I really need some of those Hunter all-weather Wellington boots, even though I cannot possibly, possibly justify buying another pair of boots in this economy as I look over at the ten pairs I already own. Ten pairs of boots alone! Six brown (including my Uggs and cowboy boots) and four black. If my family and friends needed more evidence in order to commit me for shopping addiction (which they don't) - all they would need is a picture of all those boots lined up in our foyer. But listen! The Hunters I want are in forest green or burnt orange, so, I'd totally be adding an element that's missing. And they'd have utility. A purpose. Welcome to my inner-monologue.

Anyway, here they are.